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How I can help you

When we think of grief  we think the  death of a loved one, but grief can be experienced in a wide range of situations, including marriage breakup , burglary ,loss of identity as children grow up , retirement , loss of job, health problems or any other kind of significant loss.


Often, we find ways to cope with the fear or discomfort in unhealthy ways (eating, drinking, substance abuse, people pleasing, OCD, eating disorders, over-working, etc.). Sometimes, the coping mechanisms stop working and we find it harder and harder to get out of bed in the morning and feeling worthless. There are long-term consequences for trying to ignore the feelings we are suppressing. I believe that although we may, over time, lose conscious access to those feelings, they continue to have an impact. This can include decreased emotional and physical functioning that can lead to mental or physical illness


Change can be scary. Rebuilding your life takes courage facing your fears but it can help you to move forward I have walked down this path of healing and want to help others do the same I am a deep and compassionate listener and, will be a cheerleader on your healing process.


My approach is using a combination of different tools: counselling, hypnotherapy and coaching.
Let us do this together and book your 30-minute free phone consultation today where we can discuss the best approach for you.


It is understandable to be a little scared to begin a healing journey after what you have experienced but you realise you need to take a little step. So in this situations I recommend: 


1 x 90 minute session to share story and prepare a script for relaxation, negative beliefs and replacing them with positive ones. 

1  60 minute is a guided bespoke hypnosis amended as required and sent so it can be used as self hypnosis. 

Investment: £250.

Contact me to book a free preliminary consultation.

A Recovery journey to becoming visible 

Step 1 - Understand your story  through P ure counselling 

I hold space for you to share your story in a safe place with no judgment. You were likely silenced for years, either by fear, not being believed or shame of what family and friends would think of you. Validating your story is an extremely important part of the process, so you know your truth matters. 

In this package you get : 

4 x 60 minutes of Person-Centred Approach counselling sessions

Investment: £495 (payment plans available)

Support between sessions via whats App 

Step 2  - 12 week Becoming Visible Programme 

Now is the time through coaching to empower you to change your negative thinking patterns and to help your self worth and self love. Together we help you to understand you deserve better and start creating the life you want. I am with you every step of the way and help you set your goals. 

In this package you get: 

1 x 90 minutes of coaching

11 x 60 minutes follow up sessions including hypnosis, NLP and EFT tapping.

Weekly homeworks

Private messaging

Bespoke hypnosis recording

Investment: £1997.00  (payment plans available) this can be spread over 3 months. 

Contact me to book a free preliminary consultation.

Chai & Heal 

There is power in small groups experiencing sharing our stories of loss and trauma.  It can be incredibly healing to know we are not alone. This course is an opportunity to connect to others and heal together. 

Over six-week period participants can share their experiences, carry out written exercises, group members can slowly adjust to the pain of loss, restore their self-esteem, and regain hope and energy for the future.

Coming in September. 


Inner calm meditation

A free guided meditation that harnesses the effectiveness of hypnosis to get you relaxed and fall asleep in 5 minutes



Surrinder has such a natural, warm, caring, empathetic manner that she made me feel instantly comfortable in talking through the issues I have been experiencing. I am new to therapy so I was very anxious about starting. But as soon as I met her I felt at ease and supported. She gave me a safe space to talk through my past experiences and cultivate a new way forward. It is also so helpful that she understands how culture and family expectations affect someone like me.

I cannot recommend her enough!" 

Mandy  Stratford 
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